Celebrating Our Latest Achievements: Oleve’s Triumph at the NYIOOC 2024

We are ecstatic to announce that Oleve has once again been recognized at the prestigious NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition, affirming our commitment to excellence and quality. This year, our passion and dedication to producing superior olive oils were honored with three coveted Gold Awards for our outstanding products.

The Gold Standard in Olive Oil

Our Ol’eve Faros Sigri, Ol’eve Early Harvest Kolovi, and Ol’eve Early Harvest Kalamon have each been distinguished as some of the World’s Best Olive Oils for 2024. These awards are a testament to our meticulous care in cultivation and production, from the sunny groves of Lesvos to the bottles you cherish.




Sustainability and Quality: A Harmonious Blend 

At Oleve, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a promise. Our gold-winning olive oils are produced in harmony with nature, using sustainable practices that ensure the highest quality without compromising our ethical standards. This accolade from NYIOOC celebrates not only the exceptional taste and health benefits of our oils but also our dedication to environmental stewardship.

Join Us in Celebration

This recognition is more than just awards; it’s a celebration of the natural and cultural heritage of Lesvos, the hard work of our dedicated team, and you—our community who supports and shares in our values. Taste the difference with Oleve’s gold-standard olive oils and experience the rich, nuanced flavors that only the finest olives can produce.

Discover More

Explore the depths of flavor in each bottle of our award-winning olive oils and learn more about our commitment to quality and sustainability at Ol-eve.com.

We invite you to share in our success and continue to support sustainable, high-quality olive oil production. Join the Oleve family—where every drop of oil is a drop of gold.

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