Baby Trees

At Faros Estate we care for 40.000 olive trees, but we love to plant new baby olive trees. The family plants baby trees and prepares the ground for new baby olives to grow!
We have trees 0 to 15 years old.

With Baby Trees we see the future of our estate and envision the change in our life

In contrast to most olive groves
in Greece with olive trees of several
hundred years, our trees are very
very young!

We grow them with love and care
so that they will live for hundreds of
years ahead. This is how we celebrate in
practice the real meaning of sustainable

In celebration of every new baby tree planted, we have created a special edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Baby Tree Olive Oil!

This limited edition extra virgin olive oil is created by harvesting just the first olives of each baby tree. After the baby trees are planted, when the crop season is upon us, we handpick a few olive grapes from each tree.

The first grapes each tree has created. In doing so we are proud to offer extra virgin olive oil, one of a kind, from the absolute first olives ever harvested from each baby tree. You can feel and taste the difference.