Where there once was a deserted area,
there is now an oasis of biodiversity.

Our island estate is a habitat of thousands of birds and animals.

The brand-new Olive Mill and Bottling Facility, is now part of Faros Estate, a private 200-hectare sea front peninsula full of life, where we proudly cultivate 40.000 Olive Trees.
We erase the Carbon footprint created by 2000 people. We increased the flora and fauna of the village of Sigri with numerous plants. Seeing more and new birds and wild animals coming and residing in the estate is the result of life coming back.
It’s the proof that what we do, makes a difference.

Ol-eve Sigri Olive Mill

We proudly contribute to the ecosystem of the island of Lesvos

and the microclimate of Sigri. During the past years, and every time we have the opportunity – we plant new olive trees. By planting new trees, we protect the environment from desertification, we support nature, where it was once a dry place now there is life.

Planting trees

Our estate has many different native trees and we have also added more varieties from around the world. We plant new baby trees over the past 10 years and continue to do so. Our Olive cultivars consist of a selective range of trees, each of them giving a distinctive characteristic to the olive oil. Adramytiani, Kolovi, Koroneiki, Kalamon, Chalkidikis, Mavroelia, Arbequina, FS17, Leccino, Aricombi, Picual, Melolia.

Seaweed compost

Part of what makes our cultivation so unique is that we enrich the terrain with Organic Posidonia sea – weed compost. We cultivate traditionally (6m x 6m), so that each tree is fully nourished through the sun & ground. Our Harvest method of vibration is the most tree friendly technique.


By cultivating Olive trees, having Certified Organic Plantations and caring for nature as a whole, our Faros Estate has become home to thousands of birds & animals, contributing to biodiversity and the ecosystem of the island of Lesvos.

Ol-eve Olive Oil and Sigri Olive Mill — Join us at Anuga@Home 2021. Watch Our Olive Oil Webinar and connect virtually.

Ol- means all, symbolizing the eternal connection between human and nature
“Ol-eve” is Olive for the earth
“Ol-eve” is Eve for the human

A hand, touching the tree and its fruits, with respect and admiration to one of the greatest gifts given to humans, the olive oil. The inspiration for our label. The hand posture expresses the care of the farmer to the olive tree, in return for what it offers.

Our Olive Mill

From the growth of the tree & the olive, to the production, standardization, storage & promotion of the olive oil, we have streamlined the process. What makes Sigri Olive Mill unique is the linear production with predetermined parameters for production conditions depending on the Quality, Variety and Degree of ripeness of the olive.