Production & Quality

Detailed Chemical and Sensory analyses are performed in-house and in accredited laboratories at various stages of production on specific parameters with high-tech equipment for every batch.

• Cultivation Varieties
• Climate
• Fertilising with Organic Seaweed Posidonia Compost
• Safe guarding against diseases
• High Standard Harvest
• Prototype Oil-Press
• Advanced Condition Storage
• Standardization & Bottling

Our Up-to-date standards for Olive Oil production are agreed with each of our customers.

Our experienced team in Sigri Olive Mill and in Athens handles all documentation and follows rigorous international guidelines.

Ol-eve Olive Oil

• Focus on Sustainability & Ethical work culture
• Dedicated, Active and Qualified team
• Sharing our knowledge with our end customers, Universities, Organisations, Chefs, Nutritionists, Bloggers etc
• Educating
• Planting new baby olive trees, as well as other trees
• Advancing the local community – giving life to a remote village
• Creating a development hub on the island of Lesvos
• True label
• Not blended with other oils
• Not blended with other additives
• Non adulterated
• Low acidity
• Not misleading/misinforming label
• Label according to regulations, even to the slightest detail
• Claims are backed with accredited analysis on our specific product
• No plastic bottles
• Dark glass bottles and metal tins, to prevent oxidation
• Extra clean facilities
• High-tech equipment
• Automation and manual systems balance, to yield the highest quality
• Rigorous analysis
• Tested in house and in accredited labs
• Operating according to EU regulations and internal plan
• Constantly monitoring International & European Legislation
• We set the strictest standards for the quality of our products
• Experienced in documentation
• Flexibility on additional parameters in packaging and NPD, depending on customer demands, without compromising on quality

Olive Oil Benefits

• High in Polyphenols - powerful antioxidants (where applicable & proven by analysis)
• High in Vitamin E - (where applicable & proven by analysis)
• Ideal for all cooking (even frying, although frying in high temperatures for long times, is generally to be avoided for all oils)
• Rich in healthy unsaturated fatty acids
• It is not associated with weight gain and obesity
• Excellent for the skin

Other benefits that are found in various studies, although not yet regulated

• Antibacterial Properties
• It is great for the bones/joints
• May reduce type 2 diabetes risk
• Protects against heart disease
• May prevent strokes
• Ηas strong anti-inflammatory properties

"Detailed analyses are performed in accredited laboratories at various stages of production."