Ol’eve Extra Virgin Olive Oil on EPT TV Show “ΠΟΠ Μαγειρική” – “PGI Cooking”

PGI Cooking ΠΟΠ Μαγειρική ΕΡΤ

This past Sunday, the 3rd of July, Ol’eve team member Nana Kanakaki was invited to cook with the excellent Greek chef, Andreas Lagos on the EPT channel tv show “ΠΟΠ Μαγειρική” (PGI Cooking).

They had the time to discuss about Lesvos Olive Oil, the island’s olive varieties, the special characteristics of the oil, and of course our very own extra virgin olive oil and all the process we follow to produce this amazing quality, nutritional characteristics and aromas.

While cooking a delicious sautéed goat with stamnagathi and potatoes, with a lot of our extra virgin olive oil, Nana explained to Andreas that we choose to gather our olives very early in the Olive Oil production season, to achieve the flavor and rich nutritious profile of the olive oil with polyphenols and antioxidants like squalene and vitamin E.

They also discussed about the proper ways to produce and store olive oil to keep all the aromas and rich flavor after the production.

In the end, Andreas and Nana tasted the delicious recipe created with our Faros Sigri – Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

The tv show is available on YouTube and Ertflix.

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