The initiative in organising this event starts out from the fact that the olive has been a feature through time of the identity of Lesvos.

ELIA confest is an innovative form of multi themed event which combines the academic dimension of a conference with the cultural character of a festival and also of a themed event on olive tourism. The first two days will be devoted to a scientific and academic conference on the olive, dealing with technology, the environment, health, contemporary trends in cultivation, and marketing. Particular importance will be given to development, tourism, culture, sustainability, the connection with the primary sector, local gastronomy, and education.

The third day of the conference will be devoted exclusively to the gastrotourist experiences of olive tourism which the island is able to offer and which will be attended by representatives of tourist agencies from Greece and abroad as well as influencers of public opinion.

The aims of the event are:

Emphasis on culture, sustainability, local gastronomy, the primary sector, and extroversion.

Education and updating of cultivators on international trends in the care, protection, and cultivation of the olive.

Briefing on contemporary trends in the standardization and promotion of the product and an increase in sales.

Emphasis on the highlighting of the fruit of the olive and its comparative advantages in the international market.

The event will have six central axes:

➢ ٠ The olive and education
➢ ٠ The olive and the environment
➢ ٠ The olive and culture
➢ ٠ The olive and gastronomy
➢ ٠ The olive and promotion of tourism
➢ ٠ The olive and ways of increasing sales of olive products