Agricultural European Innovation Partnership | Sigri Olive Mill

The agricultural European Innovation Partnership (EIP-AGRI) works to foster competitive and sustainable farming and forestry that ‘achieves more and better from less’. It contributes to ensuring a steady supply of food, feed and biomaterials, developing its work in harmony with the essential natural resources on which farming depends.

In the recent study of the EIP-AGRI focus group nature-based solutions for water management under climate change (EIP – AGRI Study), Ol’eve and more specifically our Faros Estate and Sigri Olive Mill in Lesvos Island, featured on page 19, had the honor to be studied, among 21 more cases all around Europe, for our natural friendly cultivations and promotion of biodiversity in a previously deserted land.

The combination of traditional practices and new technologies in the cultivations, the usage of natural fertilizers such as Posidonia seaweed and manure, the sustainable production of our high quality, natural products, as well as the gastronomic and educational activities that attract visitors in the area, are mentioned in the study to showcase our beneficial impact in the area as per Sigri EIP – AGRI (also shown below).

Special attention is given to the environmental benefits including the reverse of desertification, soil erosion control, flood control, increased soil water storage and aquifer recharge, and the biodiversity enhancement.

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  • Congratulations, now we appreciate your olive oils even more (We did love them before without this background knowledge, since years). Hope to visit your place once to see what you have build.

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