Olives in Lesvos

A wonderful event on the grounds of the Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest, showcasing two new books about the History of Lesvos and Olives in Lesvos.

Sigri Olive Mill is proud to be part of the Olive Oil production on the island of Lesvos. Our values of Sustainability and Biodiversity are reflected in everything that we do. The island of Lesvos has a rich history in Olive Oil production. Our Estate is being showcased also on the Olives in Lesvos Book.

You can watch the whole event here.

You can find these two new books In Athens and Thessaloniki at IANOS Bookstores and online at IANOS. The books are also available at theNatural History Museum of the Lesvos and in Sigri Olive Mill. Also in selective bookshops on the island of Lesvos:

Hadjidaniil Bookstore (Mytilene)
Book and Art Bookstore (Mytilene)
Music and paper house Bookstore (Kalloni)
To Rodi Bookstore (Petra)

Photos from the Event: