Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards GOOA 2021

Ol-eve Olive Oil has been awarded multiple awards by the Berlin GOOA (Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards).

Berlin GOOA encapsulates multi-year of collective knowledge and expertise of high-profile scientists, food tech pioneers, and key business players, setting the standards for a credible, transparent, and trustworthy global olive oil competition. 

Ol-eve Olive Oil is produced in our brand new Sigri Olive Mill, which opened in 2020. These awards come on the first year of our Mill operations in Lesvos island Greece. Berlin GOOA is our very first part in an Olive Oil competition. In the future, we will also take part in selective competitions and awards worldwide. We always operate to the highest quality standards, we strive to market impeccable Olive Oil.

Cultivar: Koroneiki (Organic) Gold Award

A unique Greek single cultivar Olive Oil

Cultivars: Kalamon, Kolovi Gold Award

This unique Olive Oil is the result of a master blend, combining the aromas of Kolovi variety & the polyphenols of unripe Kalamon.

Cultivars: Arbequina, Adramitiani, Koroneiki (Organic) Gold Award

This unique Olive Oil is of mild & soft taste and aroma.

Cultivars: Arbequina, Adramitiani, Koroneiki Silver Award

This unique Olive Oil is of mild & soft taste and aroma.