The Ultimate Oleotourism Experience at Faros Estate


We walked, we learnt, we experienced, we chilled, we adopted, we standardized, we tasted, we admired ! , the OLIVE YOU team, July 2023

Introduction: Faros Estate’s Big Win in Oleotourism

An unforgettable Oleotourism Experience took place at Faros Estate in July 2023. Faros Estate in Lesvos Island recently hosted a unique oleotourism event. It wasn’t just a tour. Instead, it was a deep dive into the olive oil world at the SIGRI OLIVE MILL. Experts and fans from around the globe attended.

A Mix of Pros: The Event’s Diverse Crowd

The Oleotourism event at Faros Estate drew in a varied crowd. For instance, tourist agents, hoteliers, yoga teachers, and researchers were all there. Moreover, attendees came from Greece, America, Canada, and more. Indeed, it was a global event.

The Olive Grove: A Green Haven

Guests had the chance to walk through a transformed olive grove. Previously barren, it’s now an eco-friendly zone. A biodiverse estate with 40.000 olive trees and 20.000 other trees. Pomegranate, palm trees, pines, cypresses, tamarisk trees, oaks, eucalyptus, pomegranate & fig trees grow side by side, bringing life back to what was once a dry land. Additionally, the tour highlighted the olive tree’s role in bettering our planet and health.

Holistic Wellness: More Than Just an Oleotourism event

The recent event at Faros Estate had an alternative vibe. Led by Kostas Iaoupis, it offered a holistic approach to well-being. Guests used Diamont Age Essences and the Babboo M Plant music Device to connect with their inner selves. Furthermore, they tuned into the earth’s vibes.

Adopt an Olive Tree: Make It Personal

Each guest adopted an olive tree. This simple act added a personal touch to the event and created a lasting bond with this ancient plant.

Olive You: Your Own Olive Oil

Guests had a special session to standardize their olive oil. They labeled their bottles with the team title “OLIVE YOU,” adding a personal touch to their take-home gifts.

Captured Beauty: Through the Lens

The oleotourism event at Faros Estate was captured by famed photographer Dimitris Talianis. Notably, he went beyond the event and presented a stunning photo tour of Sigri, Lesvos Island.

Olive Oil Tasting: A Sensory Trip

Guests participated in an olive oil tasting. Consequently, it was a sensory feast featuring aromas like freshly cut grass and artichoke.

Farm-to-Table: A Foodie’s Dream

Chef Vivi Souliou and Gianna Balafouti curated a special meal. It specifically featured local products, all elevated by Faros Estate’s own extra virgin olive oils.

Conclusion: Faros Estate Raises the Bar

The Oleotourism experience at Faros Estate was extraordinary. From educational walks to foodie delights, it offered a full experience. Therefore, if you missed it, make sure to catch the next one. Trust us; it’s a must-see.

The dedicated reportage (available in Greek language) @

The dedicated reportage (available in Greek language) @

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