Work and effort are rewarded. The extra virgin olive oil produced from the olive groves in Sigri Lesvos, is distinguished worldwide. Out of the 7 samples of olive oil sent by Ol-eve in three competitions, all 7 were awarded! The Extra Virgin Olive Oils of the new olive mill in Sigri, were recognized as the best and most quality oils in the world!

More specifically, Ol-eve excelled with its Olive Oil from Sigri in Japan where for another year the largest Asia-Oceania olive oil competition was held, one of the most demanding and quality oriented olive oil competitions in the world, Olive Japan International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition 2022.

Among 816 other olive oils from around the world, Ol-eve Oil Oils stood out. The Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Early Harvest with Koroneiki Variety, received a Gold Award for its spicy taste and green aroma and the Organic Extra Virgin Olive Extra Virgin Kolovi Variety won a Silver Award for its sweet taste and fruity aroma.

Ol-eve also excelled at the Berlin International Olive Oil Awards (Berlin GOOA 2022) among 891 samples from around the world. The Organic Faros Sigri Ol-eve received a Gold Award for “Organic Quality”, the 2 single-variety Organic Early Harvests (Koroneiki & Kolovi) were awarded with two Golds of “Organic Quality”, and finally the Early Harvest with varieties Arikombi, Kolovi, Kolovi and “Quality” award.

The Berlin GOOA Awards are internationally recognized as one of the most prestigious and transparent olive oil competitions. With many years of knowledge and expertise of high-level scientists, food technology pioneers and key business players, they set the standard for a global olive oil competition.

Ol-eve, of course, is also distinguished in Greece. The analysis of the World Olive Center for Health, and the Olympia Awards, awarded the Ol’eve – Early Harvest olive season 2021 with a silver award. This olive oil has 12.55 mg of hydroxytyrosol per 20 grams of olive oil, much more than 5 mg per 20 g. than what the European Union Regulation states. Specifically, Regulation (EU) no. 432/2012 established the possibility of indicating a health claim on the label for olive oils that have more than 5 mg of hydroxytyrosol (polyphenol in olive oil) per 20 grams of olive oil: “Olive oil polyphenols help protect blood lipids from oxidative stress.” Our olive oil also has a total of 700 ppm total polyphenols such as oleasin, oleander and others. Olive oil and oleasin are known for their powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. According to clinical studies that have been completed and a number of studies that are underway, olive oil with high phenolic loads has anti-cancer properties, delays the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, acts positively by reducing some autoimmune diseases, autism, etc.

The founder and visionary of Sigri Olive Mill, Mr. Antonios Tirpintiris, has created an ecological miracle for both Greek and Worldwide standards. He has given life to a lifeless land of 200 hectares in the ​​Western Lesvos Sigri village, by planting more than 40,000 olive trees and 20,000 other species of trees and plants. With this unique innovation he has created conditions that help the biodiversity of the region, with many wild flowers, plants, trees, insects, birds, reptiles, mammals and amphibians growing and reproducing in this earthly paradise in an environment of abundance.

Another unique feature of Ol-eve and the “Faros” estate in Sigri, is that it has managed to change the microclimate of the area and according to estimates it eliminates the carbon footprint created by 2 thousand people, a real breath of oxygen for the area . In addition, all these trees reduce the soil temperature, keep the soil stable from erosion, enrich the aquifer and reduce the intensity of the wind.

In the estate there are 12 varieties of olives with trees up to 14 years old. For their development, natural methods of fertilization were used, with Posidonia sewaweed compost coming to the shore, organic manure from poultry farms and dairy farms of the island, leaves and branches from the pruning of trees. The subsoil and the composition of the compost contribute to the Ol-eve olive trees being rich in Vitamin E, tocopherol and the beneficial squalene.

In the state-of-the-art olive mill the production process is designed and implemented with special attention to the protection of the environment. The pinnacle of innovation is linear production with cylindrical and vertical mixers, regulators and special digital programming. Each olive has exactly the same path and the same production process as olives of the same variety and the same maturity. Maintained temperature control in all machines and production stages, by minimizing the use of water, in order to maintain the polyphenols of olive oil, and other sensitive ingredients of high nutritional importance.

Our olive mill has memory. It recognizes the degree of ripeness and the variety of the olive and shapes the optimal production conditions. Ol-eve has a vision for a sustainable future in a global level and makes the island of Lesvos proud of its fruits and people.

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