4 Reasons we are Innovators in the Production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

4 reasons we are innovators in the production of olive oil

1.We proudly cultivate 40.000 Olive Trees in Sigri Lesvos. But unlike other producers we didn’t inherit these olive trees from our ancestors. We have, ourselves, planted these young trees after creating great ground conditions that could support the growth and prosperity of the trees. The biggest part of the area where we cultivate our young olive trees used to be rocky and lifeless. The whole area of Sigri in Lesvos Island has a volcanic soil due to a volcanic eruption occurred millions of years ago, but still affects the facilitation of cultivations. Therefore, the growth of most fruit trees requires some preparation which is difficult and time consuming. Our vision though, was to give this place a chance to flourish and we can proudly say we did it.

2.In our Estate, nothing goes to waste. We re-use various elements such as the Posidonia seaweed which the Mediterranean Sea casts up on our beaches and is being gathered, processed, and used along with manure from animals, to fertilize our trees in a natural and eco-friendly way. The branches cut from the pruning are also being processed and go back to the roots of the tree to fertilize it.  

3.As part of our mission to create a more biodiverse planet and give life to the microclimate of Sigri, we have panted 10.000 more plants, trees, and flowers in the same area where our olive trees are. Our trees erase the carbon footprint created by 2.000 people. Of course, we also allow various wild plants to grow and spread. This way we have created a biodiverse area with many small and big animals, birds, insects, reptiles and many more.  

4.Our Olive Mill, is an architectural state of art building, made with rocks and wood to perfectly match the landscape of our estate. We have latest technology equipment, experienced operators, and we produce olive oil based on the highest worldwide standards, focusing on quality, hygiene, temperature, and waste management 

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