Education Space

Health Promotion through proper diet is the ultimate goal for our Olive Oil. We know that our product has all the benefits that are needed in order to have a balanced food intake and promote good health for all people.

We organize conferences

for professionals farmers and consumers, by experienced professionals and a selection of new trainees. We want also to cultivate more people in the production of Olive Oil and have partnered with Universities and International accredited laboratories & Organisations, working with post – graduate students.

We believe that technological innovation is a driver for good in all aspects of Olive Oil.

Our strength is our team. In Sigri Olive Mill and our partnering companies and facilities in Athens, Thessaloniki and Europe, we have teams of Engineers, Food technologists, Chemists and Agronomists along with our Operations, Finance and Marketing departments.

This education space is the bedrock of new Olive Oil innovations,

because we bring together all stakeholders to find the best ways to produce and market the highest quality products.

Moreover, we partner with Nutritionists, Chefs and Health professionals in order to create taste panels and find the most healthy and delicious ways to use olive oil in everyday dieting.

"It is our mission

to educate the world on the best Olive Oil and what benefits people will have by consuming highest quality Oil from Olives."


is the key component to our evolution, and in Sigri Olive Mill we are proud to have establish an education space as part of our Olive Oil operations.

"This education space is part of our initiatives for continuous learning & improvement."